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Calin Bleu Cotton Gauze Wrap Yummy Olive

Calin Bleu

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The Cool wrap baby carrier spreads the weight evenly around your back, both shoulders and hips, making it easy to carry your baby from birth to toddler. It is light, breathable, compact.

The fabric is 100% cotton, it is custom-dyed for Calin Bleu. We recommend you wash your sling once before using to let the fibers regain their stretch.

Safety tested and complies with the EN 13209-2:2005.

How do I know which size to get?

This baby sling is available in two sizes. For up to UK dress size 16, choose size M. Size 16+, you will be comfortable with a size L. If caregivers are of very different sizes, choose the shorter wrap. The 'smaller' parent will be more comfortable with less fabric and there are various ways of tying the wrap to suit the other parent.

Each wrap is sent with an instruction booklet showing you how to use your baby sling.

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